Matt's 400 mile running challenge for CLIC Sargent

The CLIC Sargent Running team's star of the month for February is Matt Goode.

Below he talks through his incredible challenge of running an astounding 400 miles in just one year to help support children and young people with cancer and their families.

Matt's 400 mile running challenge for CLIC Sargent

I used to be a part time runner

'My first experience running for CLIC Sargent came in September 2012 when, after being something of a part time runner, I decided to step it up and sign up for my first marathon.

Having chatted to a CLIC Sargent fundraiser on the street some time before and hearing about the work they did, I knew I wanted to run for them. I finished the Loch Ness Marathon and managed to raise £926 in the process that felt fantastic!

When I got a place in the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon in 2013, I signed up to run for CLIC Sargent again, but then decided I ought to offer people donating or sponsoring me a bit more for their money than matching a distance they’d given for already! From signing up for one or two more events the challenge ended up ballooning to its current 426 miles in a year.

I began with a half marathon in my home town of Cheltenham followed by the York Marathon in October and, having ran a couple of ‘first runs’ with both my cousin and my sister, the latter where we ran the London Santa Run with another 2,000 in full costume, ended the year running the Portsmouth Coastal marathon three days before Christmas.

Taking on an ultra relay!

Now I’m nervously preparing for my first ever ultra marathon, the 46 mile Green Man Ultra Relay around Bristol on 1 March followed three weeks later with a 78.6 mile three day Jurassic Coast Ultra in Dorset.

'The work CLIC Sargent does is so brilliant that you never want for motivation for getting out and training.'

Before the challenge is over there will be further marathons in the Malvern Hills and Snowdonia as well as three more ultra events of 44 miles along the Cornish coast from the Lizard to Land’s End, 35 miles around Ripon in North Yorkshire and a 100 mile four day event covering the whole ‘Cotswold Way’ from Chipping Campden to Bath hopefully culminating in me hitting a £4,000 target I’ve set myself to raise with the challenge.

Choosing to support CLIC Sargent

The work CLIC Sargent does is so brilliant that you never want for motivation for getting out and training. If the weathers a bit cold or grotty or if  you’re feeling it on a long run, you can just remind yourself why you’re doing it and of the care that can be given when people are kind enough to pledge sponsorship; it lifts you being attached to such a good charity.

Visit Matt's Facebook page for more information about his 400 mile challenge.

Get involved

If you have been inspired by Matt's story, then join the CLIC Sargent running team for the Yorkshire Marathon 2014 and help raise funds for children and young people with cancer.

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