White water rafting a success

Sunday 23 and Monday 24 September saw 58 people, including a number of CLIC Sargent staff take to the Olympic water at Lee Valley White Water Centre and experience the thrill of white water rafting.

White water rafting a success

Over two hour sessions, rafters were guided through the tough task of getting a wetsuit on, listening to a number of safety briefings which in most cases scared the living daylights out of the teams and jumping into the freezing water on what was most definitely the wettest days of the year so far – luckily we were getting wet anyway so it didn’t really matter.

Once all the rafts were named we took them out on the lake, and after a quick practice of swimming, saving lives and paddling in time we found ourselves on a giant escalator taking us to the start of the rapids. After just one test run to see what it would be like – and yes everyone got super wet, the teams were challenged to their first timed lap. We were provided with a Top Gear lap board and all teams across the two days battled it out to be the quickest ever lap. One of our corporate partners Robert Half took the glory and managed to get down the course in just two minutes and four seconds. Everyone experienced a number of laps, each one consisting of something slightly different but we were constantly battling the waves.

It was a fantastic event and huge amounts of fun. So far we are set to raise over £15,000! Thank you to everyone who took part.