ISG supports CLIC Sargent

The international construction services company, ISG has chosen to fundraise for CLIC Sargent for the duration of it's current construction project.

Led by senior construction manager, Alex Pirie, the project team has set up a fundraising campaign onsite and implemented a range of initiatives to raise the fundraising target of £10,000 for CLIC Sargent.

These include fines for late attendance, email or texting in meetings and a particularly hefty £20 fine for those who lose their swipe cards.

The project team members have also signed up for CLIC Sargent’s Battersea Power Station abseil in March and are hoping to end the partnership with a fundraiser ball later in the year.

All proceeds raised will be donated directly to CLIC Sargent to support our work with children and young people with cancer, and their families.

CLIC Sargent fundraising manager, Elizabeth Charing, said: “I’m delighted that ISG’s project team has chosen to support CLIC Sargent for the duration of their project.

“I am in no doubt that they will hit and exceed their fundraising target of £10,000 and I’m looking forward to cheering them on at the Battersea Power Station abseil.”

For more information

To find out how you or your business can help support CLIC Sargent, please contact Elizabeth Charing on 0208 752 2827 or email: