My child’s cancer and treatment

How can I avoid infection for my child at home?

From me to you: parents share their advice on how to reduce infection risk for your child at home.

What should I know about my child’s treatment?

From me to you: parents share their thoughts on what they would've liked to have known before treatment.

Look up your child’s cancer type

Bite-sized information about different cancer types - their symptoms, how they are diagnosed and treated, and side effects.

Help your child cope with side effects of cancer treatment

Every child copes differently with treatment and side effects. Here's what to expect.

Is a clinical trial right for my child?

What a clinical trial means for your child and how research can improve care for other children in the future.

How can I get my child to take their tablets?

From me to you: parents share their tips on the best ways to help your child take their medication.