Leave a gift in your Will

Just because Sofyan has cancer, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have every opportunity to play and make mischief like other children. Kids should be kids, even if they’re sick.

That’s why we’re looking for people like you. People who want to make sure children have a childhood. And who would consider doing something to help that will really last (and won’t cost you a penny now).

Childhood cancer isn’t stopping anytime soon, so CLIC Sargent can’t either. We need to be around, ready to help children like Sofyan with the impact cancer will have on their lives, on friendships, school and at home. So they can get back to just being kids.

A gift in your Will could make this happen.

Together we can create something brilliant for the future: somewhere kids like Sofyan can still be kids, even if they’re sick.

Leave something that lasts. If you’d like to find out more, simply request your free info booklet below.