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Kat's appeal

Kat's appeal

Growing up is hard – but growing up with cancer is harder. Your support could help stop cancer destroying young lives.

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Help stop cancer destroying young lives

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could help minimise the disruption cancer has on a young person’s education, social life and future prospects
could provide an hour of care from a CLIC Sargent Social Worker to help young people like Kat through cancer
could help develop vital resources and information for young people
Boy playing
a month over a year could pay for three children to spend an hour with a play specialist, to help make cancer treatment less scary.
a month over a year could pay for four families to stay at one of our Homes from Home for a night, so they can be close to hospital.
Man reading story to boy
a month over a year could run an education day to help families cope during and after treatment, and to feel less alone.
Kat's appeal
We appreciate any donation large or small.
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Kat should have been preparing to graduate from university and looking forward to the next chapter of her life, but cancer had other plans. After more than a year of misdiagnoses, she was given a terminal diagnosis.

Cancer pushed everyone away. Her boyfriend and two best friends abandoned her and her mental health suffered massively.

“My life changed completely with the diagnosis. All I wanted was to feel normal and I felt completely alone. But then I met my CLIC Sargent Social Worker, Charlotte. She is amazing and has made the world of difference. I love her for all she’s done. I know I have a terminal diagnosis, but Charlotte has given me life.”

Kat was told she had terminal cancer after more than a year of being misdiagnosed. In the year that followed, she began to feel completely isolated after her partner left her and she lost her two best friends. That’s when CLIC Sargent stepped in and helped her to regain her confidence.

You can help stop cancer destroying young lives before they even get started

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