Why volunteer with us?

CLIC Sargent volunteers give their time for different reasons. You might have had experience of cancer, meet new people, share your expertise, or develop new skills. You might simply want to make a difference. Whatever your reason, each volunteer is a vital member of Team Young Lives, fighting with us for young lives against cancer.

Together we can make our vision a reality, reaching everyone under 25 with cancer, and their families, so they can get the support they need during and after their cancer treatment.

We can’t do our work properly without our volunteers, so we make sure you have all the tools needed to become a volunteering whiz:

  • We’ll give you all the information and resources you need before we ask you to give your time. We’ll also keep you up to date about the difference you’re making, help you to learn more, and can offer references for your time volunteering.
  • We’ll give you training that’s right for your role. This could be showing you the ropes on a shop till, preparing you to give talks in your community, or how to use our supporter database. We help develop your skills and your confidence!
  • You’ll always get an induction or briefing to make sure you feel ready to take on your volunteering role
  • Our policies and guidelines make sure all volunteers have a safe, fair and positive time with us. If you want to find out more, please get in touch.

Take a look at the opportunities we have available and apply! Or to find out more please email the team at iwanttovolunteer@clicsargent.org.uk.