Donate your birthday

Okay we admit it – if your birthday is coming up, it may not be the most exciting this year! But you can still make it one to remember by donating your day and fundraising to help stop cancer destroying young lives.

Why not tell your friends and family to put the wrapping paper away and ask for donations this year. Or even set up a group birthday boogie via Skype and get your pals to donate for ‘entry’?! It’s a simple ask which will make a big difference. And it will help young cancer patients when they really need it most.

By giving one day, you will help to make sure we can continue being there for children with cancer every day. Here’s how you can help…

Set up your JustGiving or Facebook donate page to get going!

It’s quick and easy and will be the way your friends can contribute to your day. To set up a JustGiving page, click here and hit the ‘Start Fundraising’ button.

To get started with Facebook, log in to your home page and select the ‘Fundraiser’ option on the left. Type CLIC Sargent in the select a charity field and set a fundraising target (go big)! Add a photo and a little bit about why you’re fundraising for us and voila! Your page is live.

Shout about it loud on social media!

We’ve got some postcards for you to use just below to help. Don’t forget to add the link to your JustGiving page when you post. If you’ve decided to host a virtual birthday gathering let your friends know the details. Maybe throw in a dress code for fun!

Once the cash is collected, the fun doesn’t have to stop!

There’s so many ways you can continue being a part of Team Young Lives – check out our Player vs Cancer page for more virtual fundraising ideas to keep you busy.


Shout about it!

We know you’ll be great at convincing your pals to donate for your big day. But here’s some images you can post on your social media accounts to help get the cash rolling in! Don’t forget to share your JustGiving link when you post.

What a difference a day makes

By pledging your birthday, you will help to make sure we are there for young cancer patients and their families. Times are tough for all of us right now, but they’re even tougher for children and young people with cancer.

Here are some of the ways your fundraising will help….

  • £25 would pay for a social worker to do a home visit – stopping a young cancer patient becoming isolated.
  • £35 funds a whole family’s accommodation near the hospital their child is being treated at for one night.
  • For every £170 we raise a family can get a CLIC Sargent grant to pay for everything they need when first diagnosed with cancer.
  • £1000 pays for the bereavement support of 5 young cancer patients and their families.


We’re not fussy when it comes to fundraising! Got an anniversary, engagement or pet birthday to celebrate? Why not turn those special moments into support and get your friends and family involved? No gift bags or glitter necessary!

Other ways to support us