Cancer costs more than once

We know cancer costs. But for some young people and their families, it costs more than once. Like for those that get diagnosed with cancer for a second time. This World Cancer Day, we talked about relapse and how young cancer patients and their families who’ve dealt with this have to face the financial and emotional burden of cancer coming back. 

Cancer costs families an average of £600 a month during treatment. These costs hit even harder for families going through cancer more than once.  Three quarters of parents and over half of young people found managing their finances during treatment caused them additional stress and anxiety. The emotional impact of the diagnosis is even more devastating alongside the stresses of dealing with the financial burden again. Read our Cancer Costs Again Report.

When cancer comes back

Sara was 12 when she first found out she had a brain tumour. She had surgery and Proton Beam Therapy. But it came back.

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