Since 2017, Morrisons has been in partnership with CLIC Sargent, raising millions of pounds for young lives facing cancer. The partnership has now been extended for an additional year, and has already raised an amazing £10 million, meaning CLIC Sargent has been able to support thousands of families following a cancer diagnosis. The additional money raised from the fourth year of the partnership will fund a new CLIC Sargent Home from Home near the Christie Hospital in Manchester.

Since 2017, Morrisons has been in partnership with CLIC Sargent, raising millions of pounds for young lives facing cancer.

Services Funded by Morrisons


Morrisons is funding five Nurse Educators to teach doctors and nurses in community hospitals across the UK how to care for young cancer patients. CLIC Sargent knows that enabling confident and safe cancer care to happen closer to home means so much to young people. It means less disruption to family life, less costly travel to appointments and easier reintegration to employment or education.

It means children like Aaron, 3, can get his chemotherapy treatment at home. Aaron has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, which means he will be on treatment until February 2021. That treatment involves weekly and sometimes daily round trips of 20 miles from the family home in Dudley to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. As mum, Rajdeep doesn’t drive, it means a two hour trip on public transport or a costly £30 taxi ride. Not only do those costs start to add up, but the time away from Rajdeep’s 10-year-old daughter puts a huge strain on family life.

But thanks to our Nurse Educator for the midlands, Aaron can now have his chemo at home. She spent three days at home with Rajdeep, Aaron and a community nurse where she demonstrated the most effective an safe way to treat Aaron. Rajdeep said:

"The nurse educator spent a long time with us making sure we all understood exactly how the treatment works so both the nurse and I felt comfortable. It is so good that we don't have to travel to Birmingham all the time now because the nurse can come to us. Aaron is comfortable and happy in his home and I am happy because he is happy."


Thanks to Morrisons, over 400 families have used our ‘Home Comforts’ offer at  our Home from Homes. They are parents who are living at their child’s bedside in cramped hospitals wards, or young people who desperately want to reconnect with friends over reliable Wi-Fi – which isn’t often available in hospitals.

Eric Coates, Manager of Paul’s House in London, said:

"This service has been a godsend for our families. They can't believe something so precious is available to them to use for free. They are happy to be able to cook something tailored to their child because they find it quite difficult to find the right stuff for their tastes - either because of cultural needs or because their child has particular cravings. They always say it is amazing that they can use the house, and that is something we could not have done without Morrisons."

Practical Things

Money worries, trouble concentrating at school, fears over return to work. These are the hidden costs of a cancer diagnosis and the impact on young lives is very real. But Morrisons is helping us be there to help out with some practical things that can make life with cancer that bit more bearable. We have been able to give out over 6,200 grants thanks to Morrisons, which means families can spend less time worrying about money.

It isn’t just money that helps. We have launched the first phase of our brand new website with thanks to Morrisons. The site has more useful information than you can shake a stick at, and will be a first point of call for young people wanting information when and where they need it. And 2,155 members of our online support groups can now share advice off the wards, thanks to funding for our digital services from Morrisons. To read two mum’s experiences of why these online groups are so vital, watch the video below.

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