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Moving on

My 19 year old son has been in remission for a year now. He has been so strong and resilient and has been an inspiration to his friends and family. During his treatment he stayed away from school. This has meant all his friends have just gone off to uni and he's left behind catching up with his A levels. He is struggling more with this than anything else, the diagnosis, the chemo, the re-sitting AS exams. I don't know how to help him. He doesn't need to hear the usual 'It'll be ok' or 'stay positive, you've done so well, keep working hard' he knows all that. I guess everyone is entitled to a little bit of self pity now and again and when you've battled and defeated cancer I think you've earned that right more then most. I just want to offer him some words of comfort without patronising him. Any advice gratefully received

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Hi Emmamck68 I'm sorry you have not received a response. Do you have a CLIC Sargent social worker or youth worker who you can contact about this? We also have some information on our website for young people returning to school which may be of help. Kind regards Helen (admin)