For children, from children

"What do you do if you're bored in hospital?" "What was it like when you went back to school?" "Did you feel scared when you heard the news?"

Children and teenagers share their stories and experiences of living with cancer, and what tips and advice they'd give to others.

Meet the boyz


“The world would be quite boring if everyone was the same.”


Sam, David and Logan share their tips on what to do to fight boredom when in hospital, and how confidence can help you when moving forward.


Cancer…what are your views?


“I didn’t know what cancer was when I was 4.”


Amy, Ellie Mae, Olivia, Finley and Katie chat about what it felt like when they found out the news and who their inspiration is.


The cancer girls


“When they put the medicine in your body it felt funny.”


Izzie, Amber, Maya and Abigail share their honest thoughts about going through treatment, how they felt about hospital life and what it was like moving on and going back to school.


J – S – H – C – K!


“How were you feeling when your brother or sister was in hospital?”


Heidi, Jacob, Seth, Kesi and Ciara (with some help from Hannah!) perform a fabulous show to share their stories and talk about how it feels to have a sibling with cancer. Plus Ciara chats about her favourite film!


You might find it useful to share these videos with your children, family or friends. 

These videos were co-created with children as part of the Children’s Advisory Group (CAG) to help others going through similar experiences. You can find out more about participation at CLIC Sargent here. 

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