How we develop our information

CLIC Sargent is a certified member of NHS England's accreditation scheme The Information Standard.

What is the Information Standard?

The Information Standard scheme is run by NHS England and is designed to help the public easily identify trustworthy health and social care information. 

CLIC Sargent is a member of the Information Standard because we know there’s a huge amount of cancer-related health and social care information out there – some reliable, some not. We want children and young people with cancer, and their families and friends, to know that our information is reliable. 

How does this affect the way CLIC Sargent produce resources?

To become certified, we have proved that we have processes in place to make sure our health and social care information is accurate, accessible, impartial, balanced and well written. This means working closely with professionals who have relevant expertise, as well as getting feedback from young people or parents who will be reading it.  

What CLIC Sargent material is covered by the Information Standard?

Our accreditation covers all of our health and social care information (such as school, work and finances) in the form of booklets, leaflets, information sheets, DVDs and other audiovisual resources, and the information sections of our website. 

The Information Standard logo is present on our printed and online material which shows the reader that the information is trustworthy and reliable. 

What material isn’t covered by the Information Standard?

User-generated information is excluded from the scope of certification such as weblogs, forums and personal experience pages – except where personal experience pages have been produced through a systematic process of validation. 

Need more information?

For more information about how CLIC Sargent produces information material please contact us on 0303 330 0803 or You can also visit the Information Standard website