Your parents

Everyone’s relationship with their parents is different. You may be very close to one or both of your parents, or you might have a difficult relationship or no contact with them.

How they’re feeling

You might find that your relationship with your parents has changed since your diagnosis, bringing you closer together or causing tension.

Having a child die before them is the worst thing that most parents could ever expect to happen. It goes against the ‘natural order’ of things. Your parents will probably be experiencing some very strong emotions. 

Their natural inclination will be to want to look after you and they may find it difficult at this time to remember that you are grown up with your own ideas. 

What you can do

At times this might feel stifling, but try to remember that they mean well. It may help to explain that you appreciate their love and support and talk to them about what kind of help you need from them. 

See our Tips for talking and What to talk about pages for more ideas on ways to communicate with them.

Reviewed September 2015. Next planned review 2017.