Your money guide

We know cancer costs. On average parents spend around £600 on extra expenses every month. That sort of financial pressure can affect your ability to cope and we don’t think that’s right or fair. But help is out there. This section will help you access the support you’re entitled to and manage the costs.

The information in these pages will help you access the benefits you’re entitled to, and manage your money while your child is on treatment. If your child is aged 16 or over, they can look at our information about money specifically for teenagers and young adults.

Your right to benefits

After your child has been diagnosed, it’s likely you’ll be able to access financial help. This may be because of your child’s needs or a change in your circumstances, such as cutting down work hours.

Check what you're entitled to.

Have a money makeover

With the extra costs of cancer, it’s important to be aware of where you can save money and how to keep on top of your spending.

Read our practical guide to cutting costs and managing your money.

Find reasonably priced travel insurance 

Travel insurance for your child may cost more, but there's no need to pay over the odds. 

Follow our guide to find travel insurance that covers what you need, but doesn't break the bank. 

Get free advice

Our dedicated Welfare Advice Service can assist with a range of money-related issues from benefits and housing to work and debt. 

Get in touch with our friendly advisers here. 

"When you're eating meals at the hospital, paying for parking and so on your money gets eaten up fairly soon."

Updated July 2017, next review due 2018.