Your money guide

We know cancer costs. On average young people are spending around £360 on extra expenses every month as a result of cancer diagnosis and treatment. That sort of financial pressure can affect your ability to cope. We don’t think that’s right or fair. But help is out there – this section will help access the support you’re entitled to and how to be savvy with your money.

Help available

As a person with cancer, support is available in the form of benefits, allowances and grants.

Claiming these often involves lots of forms, but it’s important to get started as soon as possible because some payments can’t be backdated.

Lots of people find these forms very difficult to fill out but your CLIC Sargent Social Worker can help you and put you in touch with specialist advice and support.

Get to grips with benefits and access funds.

Have a money makeover

Having cancer is enough to deal with, let alone the impact it can have on your finances. 

Although you may well have things you need to prioritise right now, there are lots of little things you can do to help your situation – you could start by picking a couple of top tips that will help you short term, or delve into your expenses and make a proper budget. 

Dip into our money-saving information for some top tips.

Questions? Get free advice

Advisors at the Welfare Advice Service are here to help you with any questions about benefits, finances or debt. 

For a more detailed review of what you're entitled to, call CLIC Sargent on 0300 330 0803 and we will put you in touch with one of our specialist benefits advisors.

Contact the Welfare Advice Service here.

Making change happen

CLIC Sargent is committed to raising awareness about the extra costs of cancer. Our report recommends how support could be improved by the Government. 

We believe that the governments across the UK must undertake a review of travel assistance available to young cancer patients and their families and ensure guidance on hospital car parking is enforced across the country.

We also believe that benefits should be available from the point of diagnosis and the process of applying for benefits needs to be straightforward for young people.

We are in discussions with other energy companies and banks to see how they can support young cancer patients and their families.

Join our campaign now.

Updated July 2017, next review due 2018.