Victoria's story

Victoria was diagnosed with the rare cancer embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma last year.

Secret Life of Four Year Olds star Victoria and her family are backing the Sun’s Smiles at Christmas fundraising appeal for CLIC Sargent. 

Victoria's story

Becoming ill

Her mum Jennifer explains how Victoria’s illness affected her:  

“Victoria got sicker and sicker and her skin and eyes turned yellow.  Initially we were told a cyst on her bile duct was the cause, but when they operated they found the cancer.

“We were in shock, and I just couldn’t understand why this had happened our family – why was Victoria one of the 425 children worldwide to get this rare cancer each year?  

“Watching her go through so much was so hard on us all, especially her brother Arthur who has autism, he really regressed at the most stressful times.”

CLIC Sargent support

After the operation, intensive chemotherapy and a 10-week stay in Florida for proton beam therapy followed, but the family were helped throughout their ordeal by CLIC Sargent Support Workers based at Leeds General Infirmary and Manchester Children’s Hospital, where Victoria received the majority of her treatment.    

Jennifer comments: 

“We are so proud of Victoria and the way that she’s coped with everything.

“When your child has cancer you need as much help as you can get and CLIC Sargent were brilliant with us.  They came to us on the ward and offered their help, rather than us having to seek it out, and their support was invaluable.”