Top tips!

We asked members of CLIC Sargent's Children and Young People’s Advisory Group (CYPAG) what advice they would give to other children having treatment for cancer. Here are their top tips!

Top tips!

Staying in touch with friends

  • I got in touch with my friends via Facetime, Oovoo or Skype. That is something I really enjoyed
  • See if your friends can visit you
  • Online games

Keeping active 

  • I kept myself fit by using the Wii fit or the exercise bike
  • Get out as much as you can

Coping with treatment

Sadia told us:

You can feel different when you're on medication. I felt like I was a different person especially when I was on steroids.

"I felt good around my friends but at home I was really bored and moody which I think was quite unusual for me, when I think back at it and heard other experiences in Shout Out! and I now think it’s normal."

Entertainment in hospital

  • Read a book
  • Hospital school can be fun
  • Do art or write about what’s happening
  • Keep a diary
  • I sometimes played computer games and that kept me really occupied
  • Listen to music
  • Use hospital as an opportunity to make friends
  • Take some colouring or games to keep you busy while you are at hospital

Share what’s happening

  • Tell people things you are struggling with
  • Tell a teacher if you are worried about bullies
  • Keep close to your family
  • If people ask just tell them, don’t keep it hidden
  • Ask someone if you don’t understand something
  • Participate in CYPAG and other groups like it

Keeping up with school work

  • Get homework from friends and teachers
  • Get your nurse to come into school and talk

Staying positive

  • Be yourself
  • Don’t let anything hold you back
  • Try to laugh 
  • Keep a journal or diary to look back on and see what you have done
  • Try things you haven’t tried before 

Sadia says:

Cancer could be a bit frightening at first but just have hope and remember that you have everyone on your side.

"CLIC Sargent are the best! They help with everything and even help you overcome any problems through person or through their magazine Shout Out! which helped me a lot. If you have any queries then there are various people you can ask!"

CLIC Sargent says:

  • Ask our experts! If you have any questions or worries, take a look at our Ask the expert pages - they are here to answer some common questions about life with cancer
  • Read stories like yours - Addie talks about how she was diagnosed, her treatment and getting back to normal
  • Join CYPAG - our friendly advisory group meets up to talk about experiences and take part in fun activities
  • Read Shout Out! magazine - it's packed full of fun things to read and do
  • Share with your friends - this page will help your friends to understand what's going on for you