Telephone fundraising

CLIC Sargent undertakes telephone fundraising, which is a very effective method of fundraising. It allows us to plan our services based on a reliable source of income which is vital for us to be able to be there for children, young people and their families.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Why do we use this as a method of fundraising?
How do I know that the person calling me is legitimate?
Is the fundraiser being paid?
Why are you calling me?
What if I don't want to be called or have other questions/comments?
Would you like more information?

Why do we use this as a method of fundraising?

Telephone fundraising is one of the most cost effective ways for CLIC Sargent to raise funds so that we can continue to provide vital support for children and young people with cancer, and their families, throughout the UK.

Our conversations over the phone are an excellent way for us to thank our existing donors and update them on the work they are helping to fund and on the difference their donations are making. 

They’re also an opportunity to talk about CLIC Sargent’s ambitions to develop our services, and may include a request to increase their regular gift amount, or consider restarting a cancelled regular gift. Regular gifts provide CLIC Sargent with a steady, dependable income which helps us plan for the future and develop our services.

Without any government funding, we rely almost entirely on the generosity of our supporters to fund our vital work. This means that every year we have to raise from scratch the funds we need to provide our current services. Without communicating with our supporters and undertaking fundraising activity we would not be able to provide the vital services that CLIC Sargent does.

We always want to ensure that we are open and honest about the way we spend our funds and have recently published our Annual Report & Accounts for the last financial year. The online version gives lots of useful information about the money we have raised and how we have spent our funds.

How do I know that the person calling me is legitimate?

The person calling will say that they are calling from Ethicall, on behalf of CLIC Sargent. 

Our partner will use the following telephone numbers to call you:

Agency:Telephone numbers:
Ethicall0117 440 6312
0117 440 6313
0117 440 6314
0117 440 6315

If you are unsure about whether a telephone call is legitimate, please contact our Supporter Care team on 0300 330 0803 (Option 2) Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm or email and they will be happy to advise you.

Is the fundraiser being paid?

We work closely with Ethicall, a professional telephone fundraising agencies who call on our behalf for specific campaigns.

Our agreements are with the agency, who are responsible for paying the fundraisers. 

Using agencies is the most effective way for us to contact a large number of our supporters in a short space of time. We fully brief our agencies and provide training to ensure the fundraisers are as informed as possible about our work, as well as providing an excellent quality of service.

CLIC Sargent and every agency that we work with complies with all relevant codes of practice for telephone fundraising. For more information, please visit the Institute of Fundraising and Fundraising Regulator websites.

Why are you calling me?

We call existing CLIC Sargent supporters, based on their previous relationship with us and communication preferences. For example, some of our supporters prefer to be contacted by telephone.

What if I don't want to be called or have other questions/comments?

We are committed to communicating with our supporters in the ways that they prefer and our fundraisers understand the importance of listening to our supporters and respecting their wishes.

They will note if a supporter does not wish to be contacted again by telephone in the future. Or if the supporter is too busy to talk, the fundraiser will immediately end the call or arrange a more convenient time to call back. We will not call supporters registered with the Telephone Preference  Service (TPS) unless they have specifically consented to receiving our calls.

If you do not wish to be called or you have other questions or comments about our telephone fundraising, you can email our Supporter Care team on or call on 0300 330 0803 (Option 2). As a supporter of CLIC Sargent you can also amend your communication preferences easily, using our contact preferences form.

Would you like more information?

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Supporter Care team in the following ways:

  • Call on 0300 330 0803 (Option 2), Monday–Friday, 9am-5pm.
  • Email
  • Write to Supporter Services, CLIC Sargent, 4th floor, Whitefriars, Lewins Mead, Bristol BS1 2NT