Team Young Lives - Young People's Facebook Group

Want to connect with other young people who’ve experienced cancer? Join the Team Young Lives Facebook Group! 

Get support 

The Team Young Lives Facebook Group is a friendly, supportive space. If you were diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 16 and 24, join up to:

  • Share what’s going on for you
  • Ask questions, get tips and ideas
  • Read and learn from what others are posting 
  • Take part in our ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions, regular ‘surgeries’ on the things that matter to you – like self-confidence, relationships and education. 

"It is very important for me because outside of the hospital I didn't frequently see people who were going through the same thing."

Make a difference 

It’s also a space where you can get involved with the work CLIC Sargent is doing by:

  • Telling us what you need advice about
  • Sharing your views and opinions with us
  • Learning about the work we do and how you can influence it.

A safe space 

This is a ‘closed group’ so only members and admins can see who you are and what you’re posting. If you prefer to post anonymously, you can always message the admin directly to post a comment for you. 

Sign up! 

Head to the Team Young Lives page on Facebook to join!