Talking to your partner about fertility issues

Good communication is a key part of any successful relationship. It means feeling able to be open and honest with each other, and knowing your partner will respond with the same care and sensitivity you would show them. 

Good communication only comes about if you and your partner trust each other and trust is something that strengthens over time. If you and your partner trust each other it stands to reason that you’ll feel more comfortable  sharing any issue so you can explore your options together.

Fertility and your relationship

Starting a family is something many couples consider, even if they have no immediate plans. It might be something you talk about casually, or consider thoroughly. Either way, if you’re living with fertility issues then it’s natural to worry about what it might mean for your relationship. The fact is any issue about having children can be helpful to address together if you are in a loving, supportive relationship.

Raising the subject

Only you can say when the time feels right to talk about your fertility. The simple fact is if it’s on your mind then talking things through is the only way to restore the peace of mind you deserve. It’s best to find a calm, quiet time to speak.

Once you’ve explained the situation, give your partner every chance to ask questions, and even create some space for them to process the information. You might even benefit from outside help, especially if you need specialist advice from your doctor or care team to explain the situation in full or outline the choices available to you. 

Opening up about your fertility to anyone takes courage, but especially if that person is significant in your life. It’s a personal issue, after all, with no certainty about what impact it might have on your relationship.

Even so, with your support network in place should you need it, you’ll find transparency is the surest way forward. This way, whatever happens you can look back knowing you did the right thing under difficult circumstances. It may even bring you closer as a couple.

Published: December 2016
Review due: December 2019