Social life

When people find out that you have cancer, they may react in different ways. Some will be really supportive, while others may seem to be avoiding you because they don’t know what to say or how to help.


Staying in touch with friends, especially if you aren't in school as much, can be difficult. They may be unsure what to say, or if they should keep in touch, because they care about you and your feelings.

If you can, try to keep them in the loop with a text or email, and let them know if they can visit. Perhaps you could use Skype or FaceTime to stay in touch. Tell your friends to keep in touch even if they can't see you - it's nice to know that people are thinking of you, and you will reply when you can.

If your friends keep asking lots of questions, you may find that being open helps and will clear up any strange ideas they have about cancer. But not talking about your illness is okay too! By chatting about the usual things, they will probably realise you're still the same old you.

It’s important to let your friends know you’re still you, and that you still want to be part of what’s going on, and spend time with them when you’re well enough.

September 2015, next planned review 2017