Sir Malcolm Sargent’s amazing legacy

It is 50 years since Sir Malcolm Sargent was last at the Proms - but his legacy lives on at CLIC Sargent, the UK's leading cancer charity for children and young people, that was set up in his memory.

Sir Malcolm Sargent’s amazing legacy

You can leave a legacy too by remembering CLIC Sargent with a gift in your Will. CLIC Sargent fights tirelessly for children and young people with cancer, often when they feel they can’t.

Why leave a gift in your Will?

  • Currently, we can only help two out of three children and young people with cancer. With a gift in your Will, you can help us to plan for a future where every child and young person with cancer who needs our support, can have it.
  • Just as gifts in Wills pledged in the past are supporting our work today, gifts pledged today could help us to be there in the future too.
  • A gift in your Will is an inspiring way to show your support for young lives against cancer in the future.  By doing this you will be helping to ensure that CLIC Sargent is here fighting for young people against cancer often at a time when they feel they can’t. You will be amazing!

About CLIC Sargent

In 2015/2016 CLIC Sargent supported around 7,100 young cancer patients, thanks in part to gifts in Wills. CLIC Sargent care teams provide expert support tailored to each child, young person and family.  

We owe so much to Sylvia Darley OBE, Sir Malcolm's long term friend, who set up the Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund for Children in 1968 in his memory, which later became CLIC Sargent. And to Sir Malcolm Sargent – for his music and for the vital services that we can now provide for young lives facing cancer today. That is an amazing legacy!

Like Sir Malcolm Sargent, you too could leave a lasting legacy and support future young lives facing cancer with a gift in your Will. Every gift, large or small can make a huge difference. Order a free booklet to find out more.

Order a free information booklet

To find out how to leave a gift in your Will and how your gift will make a difference to young cancer patients, order your free information booklet, call our Gifts in Wills team on 0300 330 0803 or email