Signet's H Samuel and Ernest Jones

Specialty jewellery retailer, Signet, has partnered with CLIC Sargent as its national charity partner for the past two years.

Signet's H Samuel and Ernest Jones

About the partnership

The Signet and CLIC Sargent partnership has gone from strength to strength since it first began in October 2014 and a staggering £370,000 has been raised so far!

Staff and customers have been vital in helping to raise this incredible amount, first showing their support in 2014 by purchasing our very special George the bear. George was inspired by the Hickman line teddy bear that CLIC Sargent Play Specialists use to help children understand the treatment they might need to have for cancer. 

In 2015, customers were then introduced to cute Rufus the puppy and in 2016, for the third year of the partnership, we are delighted to welcome Jasper the bear to the family. CLIC Sargent supporters, four-year-old Harry and seven-year-old Amber, absolutely love Jasper and are promoting him in all stores and online. 

For every George, Rufus or Jasper bought in H Samuel, Ernest Jones and Leslie Davis stores, all profits will be donated to CLIC Sargent*.

The sale of five Jaspers could pay for one hour of a CLIC Sargent Play Specialist’s time to help children prepare for and cope with treatment.

But it’s not just George, Rufus and Jasper that have raised this huge amount. Signet staff have also got involved in runs, walks, sweepstakes, skydives and various other events in store, including a 90 day challenge during their quieter retail months. They have also given up their time to volunteer at CLIC Sargent’s Homes from Home and have collected an amazing amount of stock for CLIC Sargent shops too. 

Throughout the next year Signet and CLIC Sargent will be running seasonal UK-wide fundraising campaigns, as well as staff and individual fundraising and challenges in support of young lives against cancer.

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To find out how your company can help support children and young people with cancer, please contact our Corporate team on: