Send a CLIC Sargent eCard

CLIC Sargent's free eCards are a great way to send birthday cards, say thank you or just send that special someone a message, whilst also helping to support children and young people with cancer.

Send a CLIC Sargent eCard

Send a CLIC Sargent eCard

Our easy to use system lets you send as many eCards to your friends and family as you like. They’re more convenient than a post box, environmentally friendly and easy to create.

It’s so easy to send a CLIC Sargent eCard, just select one of our great designs and follow the step by step instructions.

If you’re a business you can even add your company logo to the card and send it to a list of customers – it’s a great way to send a message or just say thank you. Get started now. 

Once you've sent your eCard, you can also choose to make a donation and help CLIC Sargent support young cancer patients. 

Find out more

To find out more, please contact CLIC Sargent Trading Support Manager, Amy White on 0117 311 2614 or email: