Scott's story

Scott was supported by CLIC Sargent after he was diagnosed with leukaemia aged 4. In this heartwarming letter, Scott's granny Sandra who works at the Morrisons Hartcliffe store in Bristol, tells her colleagues why CLIC Sargent's so important to the whole family.

Scott's story

I’m Sandra and I work at the Morrisons Hartcliffe store. My grandson Scott was diagnosed with leukaemia aged 4, and his mum Charlotte and I want you to understand how much of a difference voting for CLIC Sargent could make to families like ours across the UK. 

Charlotte said:

When the doctors told me my son Scott had cancer I said: “how long have I got him for”? I thought we would lose him. 

Scott started chemo on his 5th birthday. We were all so scared, and still in shock. Then we met Anne, our CLIC Sargent Support Worker. She said she was there to make sure we were all OK and has been there for us ever since. 

We struggled financially, because having a child in hospital costs a lot of money. Petrol, hospital food and parking all started to add up, and my husband had to take leave to look after Scott and our other son Charlie. 

Anne arranged some charity grants, and helped us apply for the benefits we needed to keep our heads above water. We couldn’t have got through all those forms without her. 

Thanks to CLIC Sargent Nurses Scott is safe at home in-between his hospital visits. They check his health, and answer our questions. They are great with him. 

Before Scott went back to school, one of his nurses even visited his teachers and gave them advice. At first some children did point and stare because he had lost his hair, but the teachers knew how to handle it and the staring stopped.

CLIC Sargent is a big part of our lives. Doctors and nurses and other people have changed a lot, but the CLIC Sargent team is our constant. 

Sandra said: Thank you for reading our story, from the very proud granny of a very brave boy.

Sandra and Charlotte x

Be there for all of them

Right now, for every two families like Scott’s there's one not currently receiving the support they desperately need. We want to be there for all of them. 

Join the campaign to win Morrisons' support and help us stop cancer destroying young lives.