Run for CLIC Sargent and support families like Joshua's

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Joshua, from Inverness, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia when he was nearly two years old. His treatment required him to be in Glasgow, separating him and his mum from his siblings. 

Run for CLIC Sargent and support families like Joshua's

CLIC Sargent stepped in when the doctor said 'it's cancer'. The family stayed in a CLIC Sargent Home from Home, free accommodation close to the hospital, so that they could be together and were given support by a CLIC Sargent Social Worker. 

Joshua's mum, Karla explains: "“I was told that the treatment had to start straight away and I wouldn’t be able to take Joshua more than an hour from the hospital and that he would be in isolation much of the time over the next six months. 

"So suddenly we were cut off from the family. I didn’t even have the chance to pack a bag.

"The Home from Home became our second home from then on. I could just escape with Joshua in between the bad times and just find some normalcy.

"You are desperate for the small things. Something as simple as privacy, which you just don’t have on the ward. 

"When the concept of ‘normal’ has been taken away and replaced with something horrible, CLIC Sargent helps you get closer to ‘normal’ again and in the times I felt alone I knew they would be there.” 

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