Resources for teachers

These resources are designed to help education professionals support a pupil with cancer at school or college.

Statutory guidance

This guidance ensures a good education for children who cannot attend school because of health needs, set out by the Department for Education (January 2013).

Local authorities must have regard to this statutory guidance when arranging education for children who are unable to attend school because of their health. It outlines the responsibilities and duties your local authority has, including some guidelines on reintegration.

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Resources for schools

Cancer and school life pack

This resource has been designed to help teachers communicate confidently with schoolchildren about childhood cancer, as well as help pupils understand the illness and how they can support their classmate. The pack includes a teaching session, information about childhood cancer, and guidance on how to deliver the session and answer questions. It also includes a DVD featuring children who have had cancer, and their school friends, speaking about their experiences.

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Back to school

This DVD is for schools where a young person is due to return during or after cancer treatment. It provides guidance on what schools need to consider, as well as interviews with teaching staff about how their school supported a young person with cancer. It also includes young people talking about their experience of going back to school after being diagnosed with cancer.

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Supporting a pupil with cancer

Returning to school: a teachers' guide for pupils with brain tumours

Detailed guidance by Royal Marsden and Cerebra on how to help a young person with a brain or spinal cord tumour return to school after treatment.

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Children with special educational needs

Information from the government on what special educational needs (SEN) are, and the types of support available for SEN pupils, assessment and statements.

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Pupils with cancer: a guide for teachers

A guide by the Royal Marsden with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, outlining issues that might occur when a child with cancer returns to school after treatment. Aimed at teachers in secondary schools and colleges, it can also be adapted for primary schools.

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Explaining childhood cancer to pupils

Storybooks for children

CLIC Sargent storybooks are designed to be read with children, to help them understand what cancer is and the treatment it involves. Each storybook also has a useful glossary of words related to hospital stays and treatment. 

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Chemotherapy, cakes and cancer

Written by 14-year-old Megan Blunt, this is a friendly A-Z guide to having treatment for childhood cancer. It covers hospital life, side effects and a range of medical terms. 

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Research and reports

No child with cancer left out

A report, published by CLIC Sargent, looking at the impact of a cancer diagnosis on primary school children. It outlines the challenges in helping these children continue learning and return to school with examples of how best to support them.

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No teenager with cancer left out

A report, published by CLIC Sargent, examining the impact of cancer on young people's education at secondary school age. It looks at the challenges of returning to school, and student's experiences of keeping up with education after diagnosis.

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Cancer awareness

Teaching resources

Cancer-related lesson plans, created by Cancer Research UK, for KS4 pupils, and curriculum-linked information on cancer and health.

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Cancer statistics key facts: Childhood cancer, Teenage and young adult cancer

Information sheets, published by Cancer Research UK, for adults covering key statistics relating to childhood cancer, including types and survival rates.

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Talking about cancer toolkit

This pack is designed to help teachers give young people the information they need to understand and discuss cancer. Published by Macmillan Cancer Support, it contains lesson plans for KS2-4, DVD clips, activity sheets and useful signposting information.

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Education and learning

Lesson plans and activity sheets for KS3-4 with links to the UK curriculum created by the Teenage Cancer Trust. These resources are also designed to be used at home by parents and young people.

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