Research we support

CLIC Sargent supports research projects from a wide range of institutions and organisations, both nationally and internationally.  

Research we support

Here is a snapshot of some of the projects we’re supporting: 


BRIGHTLIGHT is the overarching name for a collection of research projects designed to answer a single question: Do specialist services for teenagers and young adults add value? The BRIGHTLIGHT Collaboration involves clinicians and researchers from London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Southampton.   

Teenage and Young Adult Priority Setting Partnership 

This partnership developed in order to identify what the priority areas for research for teenagers and young adults with cancer should be. These priorities were being set by TYA, families and healthcare professionals. The top ten priority areas for future research were finalised at a workshop in January 2018. You can read more about them here.  

How can we support? 

We do not fund research, however we can support in a number of other ways: 

  • Promote surveys, interviews and other opportunities with the young people and families we support 
  • Offer information and guidance on conducting research with young cancer patients and their families 
  • Facilitate patient and public involvement activities within the organisation 
  • Signpost and identifying relevant literature and other materials 
  • Signpost relevant projects to organisations like the National Institute for Health Research (NIRH)

Projects we support 

We support projects which seek to understand and address the impact that a cancer diagnosis has on young people and families. We will only support projects which have received ethical approval. We do not support undergraduate university research projects. 

If you would like your research to be considered for CLIC Sargent support, please complete a request form.