Owen's story

When Owen was diagnosed with cancer, his mum decided to set up an Especially For You fund in his name.

"Owen was diagnosed with a Wilms tumour on his left kidney. It is hard to know just what to do or feel when you are hit with this kind of news. He is usually a very healthy little boy, and so it was unusual for him to have a temperature that was so persistent.

"Our journey began one Sunday July morning at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Bristol. We had to learn very quickly lots of new words and make difficult decisions. Owen was probably the best at handling everything, but it was especially hard for his sister. Our CLIC Sargent Play Specialist was a great help in giving us guidance on how best to let Gwyneth see how our lives had changed."

And now...

"So far, so good and Owen is doing really well. His course of treatment was very light and short, so we have come out of the experience with an overwhelming sense of how lucky we are as a family. This feeling of relief is always mixed with deep sadness that the other families and children we have met along the way are not as fortunate. Having the extra support from CLIC Sargent is so amazing and it does take some of the strain of the day to day stress. Just knowing who to turn to when you can’t think straight is a great help.

"We decided to set up an Especially For You fund in Owen’s name because it seemed like a really good way for all of our family and friends to show their support. We have got some marathon running neighbours and friends and they are going to be running their socks off for Owen’s fund.

"Owen’s school also wanted to show their support so the fund has been a good way for us to explain the work that CLIC Sargent does and then how school friends can help. Setting up an Especially For You fund is also a good way of us talking to Owen and Gwyneth about their feelings rather than just talking about Owen’s cancer or his treatment."