Our research

Throughout CLIC Sargent's education campaign which launched in 2012, we have undertaken three research projects to build a better picture of the impact of cancer at primary school, secondary school and post-16 education and employment.

Our research

By undertaking research with the children and young people we support and their families, we can better understand the impact of cancer on their lives and this makes us more equipped to influence politicians and policy makers.

How we did it

This research was undertaken through consultation with children and young people with cancer, and their families. Our team also worked closely with CLIC Sargent Health and Social Care Professionals and other key stakeholders, such as hospital school leads.

The research carried out aimed to:

  • Better understand the barriers that children and young people face in education
  • Identify what support young people feel they need concerning employment and training
  • Raise awareness of the challenges children and young people with cancer experience in keeping up with their education
  • Highlight existing good practice and ways forward.

What we found

Our research identified a need for better information on the impact of cancer and what support is available and more effective communication between professionals.

Some children and families told us that a lack of understanding of cancer can lead to children falling behind and can lead to being bullied and left out of school activities.

Young people told us that they need more tailored support in their last years at school and to transition into post-16 education and employment.

Our research reports

You can find more information about our research through our research reports, which can be found here:

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