Our plans for the future

Dara is Director of Services at CLIC Sargent. Her role is to lead on all the support and services that we give to young cancer patients and their families.

Our plans for the future

CLIC Sargent helps children and young people, and their families cope with the shock at diagnosis and the many different emotions that follow over the course of their cancer journey.  

We help them deal with the practical issues it throws up and cope with the intense treatment that often follows. Each cancer journey is different and our aim is to empower young people to have some control at a time when everything is in flux so that they can feel like people and not just patients.  

We support families to find their new sense of normality when their world has been ripped apart.

We are the only organisation providing this kind of support in the UK. We meet with families soon after diagnosis, listening, advising and answering their questions.  

We're used to explaining what's happening in a way that's easy to understand, particularly as people can still be in a state of shock from the diagnosis.

It is so important you have continuity of care, and that's what CLIC Sargent provides as we are the largest funder of specialist outreach cancer nurses for children in the UK.

Humbled and inspired

I am continually humbled and inspired by the young people with cancer and their families who we support. Their unbelievable strength and determination continues to motivate me to ensure that we do the most, and best, we can. They really are the focus for everything that we do.

We have achieved so much and made a huge difference but we know that more needs to be done. Our future ambitions mean we need to grow, raising more funds so we can reach and support all those who need us.  

We are almost entirely reliant on donations, meaning that every year we need to raise the funds from scratch to maintain our vital services.

Vital support

Gifts in Wills are so important to our organisation as they are are a gift which you can choose to give today, but which will be there in the future sustaining vital services for children with cancer and their families - in fact one in eight of the young people we support is currently funded thanks to supporters generously remembering us in their Will.  

I can't thank them enough for choosing to think about the future for young people with cancer when they are writing their Will. We really couldn't continue to do what we do and look to grow if we didnt have gifts in Wills so I would encourage everyone to consider this way of supporting CLIC Sargent.  

Make a difference

It costs you nothing to do while you are writing or updating your Will but one day truly could make the difference of a lifetime for young people with cancer. I can't put it better than one of our young people, Starr, who said:

"After my diagnosis, my life has completely changed. And even though my health has let me down, CLIC Sargent never has. Without them, me and my mum would have had to fight so much harder."

A gift in your Will

Be amazing today and make a difference tomorrow. Leave a gift in your Will to CLIC Sargent and one day in the future you’ll help us fight for young lives against cancer.

Order your free information booklet online or alternatively, to find out about leaving CLIC Sargent a gift in your Will, please contact our Gift in Wills Team on 0300 330 0803 or email: giftsinwills@clicsargent.org.uk