No filter 4 cancer

CLIC Sargent champions #nofilter4cancer. Together with young people, we expose the hidden costs of cancer and talk about what life really looks like for them. #nofilter4cancer gives young people the power to explore body image and mental health issues and tell it how it is, unfiltered.

No filter 4 cancer

Follow #nofilter4cancer online to see real stories and experiences of young cancer patients, our report into the hidden mental health costs of cancer, and our new resources to help them take back control.

Telling it how it is

Many young people from across the UK have joined in to share their #nofilter4cancer story since the campaign launched this year.

Jess's story

When Jess lost her hair she was scared about going out in public

"I thought people would stare at me, and wonder why I was so pale and wearing the headscarf. But then I thought – I am still myself and I’m going to totally own what’s happening to me."

Read her story in full

Emma's story 

Emma was 21, mum to twins and pregnant when she got the devastating news she had cancer.

“The main thing I’ve learnt through all of this is to take life too seriously or spend too much time worrying – just to enjoy life as much as you can.”

Read her story in full.

Chris’s story 

“It came down to leg or life ultimately, and I opted to save my life and sacrifice my leg."

Keen golfer Chris was 19 when he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his leg, and treatment was tough. Read his story in full.

Looking after yourself 

We know that cancer shakes up the lives of teenagers and young adults. The effects of treatment can impact their body and appearance, their wellbeing and self-esteem. In our new Looking after yourself section, you can watch young people talk about their own experiences dealing with hair loss, diet, makeup, exercise, alcohol, body confidence and more. You’ll also find practical tips for creating positive habits to help you get back to feeling “more like the real you”. 

Seren gives advice on skincare

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Our Hidden Costs research

The #nofilter4cancer campaign was developed alongside young people we support and draws from the findings from our Hidden Costs report into the mental health impact of cancer on young people.  

Get involved

If you'd like to share your story as part of our #Nofilter4cancer you can email to get involved.

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