The New Normal: Evaluation of our social care (enhanced) service for young people

CLIC Sargent commissioned Insley Consulting to carry out an evaluation of its enhanced service for young people with cancer between March and June 2015.

The purpose

The purpose of the evaluation was to assess and analyse how well the service has achieved its intended outcomes for beneficiaries; if it is fulfilling their needs; the extent to which beneficiaries were involved in reviewing and improving the service; and the views of wider stakeholders about the service itself and the policy context in which it operates. 

Learning from this evaluation will be applied to the design and delivery of the service throughout the UK.

Key highlights

For CLIC Sargent the report has highlighted key successes, learnings and challenges based on the service to date and the next steps for us is to review the recommendations and look at how best to move these forward. 

Some of the key highlights for us showed:

  • The service is accessible 'at the worst time of your life'; staff get straight back to young people when they reach out for help.  It is tailored to each person, so that it delivers the help that each individual wants and needs. It is flexible and needs led.
  •  The service is highly respected by professionals who work with young people with cancer. They recognise the benefit of CLIC Sargent having long-term contact with young people, as well as young people workers collaborating with external partners to provide holistic care. The outreach service was seen by many as one of CLIC Sargent’s unique selling points.
  • Young people engaged in this evaluation reported 99 incidences of a positive outcome ranging from being more financially secure, feeling more able to stay in work, find a job or build a career to making life feel a little easier living with cancer. On average three outcomes per young person were achieved and emotional and financial support were most valued by young people.
  • The support made them 'less stressed', 'able to look to the future' and helped to 'rebuild confidence' after diagnosis and treatment.

Next steps

CLIC Sargent is planning on using the report alongside further research we are currently conducting with young people, which will focus on their experiences of gaps in cancer services for both them and the people around them.

This will help us to improve our evidence base to ensure we understand the needs and gaps in service provision for young people with cancer and help us plan effectively for the future.

Thank you

We would like to thank all of the young people, CLIC Sargent staff and partner organisations for taking the time to speak to our independent consultants, Insley.

Your feedback was invaluable and has helped to create a comprehensive report that has evaluated our young people service from the perspective of young people, staff and our external colleagues.