Mohammed's story

Mohammed volunteers at CLIC Sargent because it gives him the opportunity to help and give back. He wants to have a positive impact on the lives of children and young people with cancer.

Mohammed's story

After hearing about CLIC Sargent through the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) group, Mohammed started volunteering in CLIC Sargent’s London office with the Volunteering team to help look at data, fine tune processes and contribute ideas to the ways we work with volunteers. 

Mohammed has been a great addition to our small team, giving us his skills to make a big difference.

Lauren, Volunteer Coordinator 

Moahmmed’s volunteering hasn’t just stopped with his role in the office, he has taken to the streets to fundraise for CLIC Sargent in his local community too, helping to raise hundreds of pounds to support our work. 

A varied role

Mohammed said: “What I love about my role here is that it is so varied, I get to be involved in really cool projects and contribute to a lot of decision making. 

“It’s giving me the opportunity to develop my skills and have fun telling the public all about CLIC Sargent’s work!”

In May Mohammed joined the team at Paramount Pictures Via-Community Day where he got to meet some families CLIC Sargent supports to hear first hand the difference our services make.

He added: “The skills I've learned from my time volunteering have been so valuable and it’s all the better for knowing the good cause I am contributing towards.” 

Volunteering opportunities

Find out how you could volunteer for CLIC Sargent and what volunteering opportunities we have in your local area. Whether you can give a few months or a few hours, you will make a big difference to children and young people with cancer.

To find out more, please contact our Volunteering team by emailing: