Lucien's story

Lucien, 3, from Rotherham was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in May 2015. He’s been through operations, nine courses of intensive chemotherapy and 23 sessions of radiotherapy, and treatment still hasn’t finished. The CLIC Sargent team was there to support Lucien from the start, and has helped the whole family cope with both the emotional and financial impact of cancer on their lives. 

Lucien's story

Lucien’s mum Stacie says: 

“Watching Lucien go through treatment has been awful. We’ve watched him lose his appetite, lose weight, lose his hair, lose his smile.

"People ask me how I cope with it all – and I don’t really know. Especially as just after he was diagnosed I gave birth to his little sister Lara. But because Lucien always comes first you just have to force yourself out of bed, force yourself to put a smile on your face, and get on with it.

“And our CLIC Sargent Support Worker Jude has given us a lot of support. If we didn’t have her we wouldn’t have been able to keep our heads on straight.

“Hospital costs a lot of money. When we knew what money was coming in and going out each month we could manage financially, but suddenly life got a lot more expensive.  

“Jude gave us a CLIC Sargent grant of £170 which helped out with fuel and hospital parking costs. She filled out all the forms for the benefits we needed too. She did everything like that – we wouldn’t have had a clue how to do it all.”

Be there for all of them

Right now, for every two families like Lucien’s there's one not currently receiving the support they desperately need. We want to be there for all of them. 

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