Lewis' story

Lewis was diagnosed with neuroblastoma not long before his third birthday. He had to have eight sessions of chemotherapy, surgery and a stem cell transplant. CLIC Sargent Nurse Lynda was one of the first nurses the family met and has always been there for Lewis and his parents.

Lewis' story

Lewis’ mum Alaina said, “I first noticed there was something wrong around four to six weeks before Lewis’ first diagnosis. He had a temperature and had gone off his food. I thought it might have been something bad but never in my wildest dreams did I think it could be cancer.”

“It was horrendous when we found out Lewis had cancer – I still to this day don’t really believe it. It was just awful.

“It was hard going back and forth between our house and the hospital – we stayed with Lewis all the time. And when you think of all the costs involved it all adds up. Things like petrol, parking at the hospital (until we received our Blue Badge), eating at the hospital and little things you don’t really think about at the time.

CLIC Sargent Nurse Lynda

CLIC Sargent Nurse Lynda was able to support the whole family and help them to navigate obstacles a childhood cancer diagnosis can bring.

Alana continued, “Having someone like Lynda was just brilliant. When you are in hospital for long periods of time, the last thing you want to do is go back in for necessary weekly tests. Lynda being able to come to our house took this stress away and I knew we could ask her anything."

“She’s been a huge help - she comes to the house every week to tend to Lewis’ Hickman line as well as things like dressing changes and taking blood samples. If we need anything, we know we can count on her. Not having to travel to the hospital all the time means we have more time to spend together as a family.

"Lynda always works with us to do what’s best for Lewis and we are extremely grateful for all her help."

Lewis said, “Lynda always made things fun. I love vampires and she always used to pretend that she needed to take my blood to give to them. That made me happy."

Lewis is now doing well and enjoying life. Alana added, "Throughout the whole of his treatment Lewis coped amazingly well. He never complained even during the most painful procedures.  I am so proud of him and his strength, as no child should have to go through this.”

A gift in your Will

CLIC Sargent was there for Lewis and his family. A gift in your Will could make a huge difference to young lives like him. Be amazing today and make a difference tomorrow. Leave a gift in your Will to CLIC Sargent and one day in the future you’ll help us fight for young lives against cancer.

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