Learning at home

If your child is compulsory school age, they will be entitled to education at home if they are out of hospital but not well enough to return to school full time. Local authorities have a duty in place to arrange this, although the provision of home teaching can vary.

The duty of local authorities

Government statutory guidance says that all local authorities must: 'Arrange suitable full-time education (or as much education as the child's health condition allows) for children of compulsory school age who, because of illness, would otherwise not receive suitable education.'

Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions emphasises that the governing body of a school, the management committee of a Pupil Referral Unit or the proprietor of an Academy has the legal responsibility to ensure that a child with medical needs is supported in school and that 'arrangements are in place to support pupils with medical conditions. In doing so it should ensure that such children can access and enjoy the same opportunities at school as any other child.'

Making arrangements

Schools will vary in how they approach this and how education is given, but your CLIC Sargent Social Worker can liaise with the school and help you ensure that education continues during this time. 

Learning online

Some schools have a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which is part of their school website. Others may suggest websites the school subscribes to such as Samlearning, Mathletics, Mymaths or Edlounge.

These can work well for a short time, but if your child is absent from school for a long period they will need a teacher's input.

"In this day and age the internet is vital, even some of her school work could have been done via the internet."

Where next?

Updated January 2017, next review due December 2017.