Just diagnosed

Being told you have cancer may have come as a total shock. It's a confusing and scary time after you've been diagnosed. Our website will give you reliable information about things like treatment, what support to expect, hospital life and how it impacts your life. It doesn't replace medical advice from a specialist but it might just be a good place to start.

Your feelings after a diagnosis

It's natural to experience some strong emotions after a diagnosis. At the same time, you may feel numb and unable to take in the news. If you're feeling low, alone and need help dealing, go here.

What care you can expect

Cancer affects teenagers and young people differently than adults and children. need care that is tailored to their age group. TYA cancer services provide support for people aged 16 to 24. For what to expect, go here.

Getting questions answered

It's good to know who to turn to for support and guidance. If you have questions about your treatment and what's going to happen in the days and weeks ahead of you, go here.

About cancer and treatment

For straightforward, easy to understand and trustworthy information about different cancer types and their treatments, go here.

Hospital life

It's hard to imagine what life's like on the ward if you haven't stayed on one before. To get a better sense of what it might be like in hospital and for information about accommodation, go here.

People you're close to

Cancer will undoubtedly affect some of your relationships. Some may strengthen while others may become strained. For support with your parents, siblings, children, partner or friends, go here.

If you have questions, concerns or just want someone to talk to please don't hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to help. You can call on 0300 330 0803 or email us at info@clicsargent.org.uk

Updated February 2017, next review due February 2018.