Jennifer's story

When 20-year-old nursery nurse Jennifer found out she had leukaemia, CLIC Sargent Social Worker James George was there to support her and her family through some really tough times. Here, she tells her story.

Jennifer's story

"I was diagnosed with APML leukaemia in February 2015 when I was 20, and my CLIC Sargent Social Worker James was brilliant.  

"Without him I would have lost my house, and probably my job by now too.

Understanding benefits

"James sat with me and mum and went through the whole benefits thing, with leaflets and forms and numbers to call. He told us exactly what to do.  It would have been really confusing otherwise.

"Before that I didn't know a thing about housing benefit or how to get a Personal Independence Payment (PIP), a benefit that helps people who are too sick to work.   

"The PIP helped me to pay my bills and also gave me a little bit of money to enjoy life and to learn to drive. As a result of my cancer and treatment, I can't walk far so that was really important.  

"In the meantime, James helped me get a mobility car so that my mum and dad could drive me to all my appointments at the hospital.

"Because you only get sick pay from work for six months and because I'm still off work recovering from treatment I'm now on Employment and Support Allowance. James helped me apply for that too.

"When I was sick, James also told me about all the other charities that help people with cancer. It meant I was able to get a new bed as mine was falling to bits. It meant a lot. I was so ill that I was in bed a lot.

Meeting new people

"CLIC Sargent also helped me meet new people. I went to the charity’s holiday home, Malcolm Sargent House, in Prestwick, with a load of other young people with cancer to take part in a music workshop. It was good to get away and be with people in the same situation who understand what you are going through.

We were joined by Lucy Spraggan and Simon Rix from the Kaiser Chiefs and it was totally amazing!

"One of my best ever weekends! Lucy and Simon were just really normal and spoke to us like normal people. We wrote songs and sang together.

"I still see James now but not as much. But if I need anything I email him and he sorts it out. After everything CLIC Sargent has done to support me I think other young adults with cancer should be more aware of the help they give people."

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