Isla's story

Isla, now two, was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma on her first birthday, after her parents found a lump on her cheek.

Her family were supported by CLIC Sargent while she underwent treatment. 

Isla's story

It's cancer

Isla's dad Rick said: “Isla’s primary tumour was above her right kidney. The mass in her face was actually a secondary one, and she also had spots in her leg and rib. So we only found the cancer because of the secondary cancer on her face, otherwise it could've been longer before we found it.” 

Isla underwent chemotherapy, which got rid of the three smaller spots. She then had surgery for seven hours to remove the primary tumour.  

Rick said: “Isla was given 60% chance of survival really early on which at times we didn't think was a bad number compared to what some people had. After the operation she got put at about 80% chance of survival. She was cancer free at that point, but due to the aggressiveness of her neuroblastoma it’s not always a given that they got everything.” 

A helping hand 

During Isla’s treatment, the family were supported by CLIC Sargent Social Worker Jan.  

Jan provided vital emotional, practical and financial support, such as arranging a grant to help the family cope with unexpected costs.  

Rick said: “As the journey has gone on the support has become more valuable because at first you're so involved with treatment and trying not to worry about money, just spending what you need to spend to get through and worry about it later.

 “Children should not have to know the word cancer, but sadly they do. Our lives changed in a heartbeat. We couldn’t have survived the past 18 months without CLIC Sargent. They have helped us financially and emotionally. We are asking Sun readers to dig deep and support this appeal.”