Influencing policy and guidance

Fundamental to CLIC Sargent’s work is the belief that children and young people with cancer should be enabled to achieve their potential and that quality support in education is a crucial element to achieving this.

Influencing policy and guidance

The research that we have undertaken into the impact of cancer on children and young people’s education has helped us to raise awareness and to seek to influence government and policy-makers, to help change things for the better for children and young people with cancer in all education settings.

Two key policy objectives throughout the campaigning programme are:

  • For schools to have guidance on how to support children with a medical condition
  • For there to be a co-ordinated approach to be taken to link the policy surrounding the different types of education provision a child with cancer might receive. 

We have developed guidance for professionals supporting children with cancer to help them better understand the policy landscape and to identify ways to ensure that children with cancer receive the educational support that they need. 

Key policy achievements

Working in coalition with other children and young people’s charities we have helped to influence a number of policy developments:

  • New legislation now exists which protects the needs of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities in education. The Children and Families Act aims to get education, health care and social care services working together and make sure children, young people and families know what help they can get.
  • Schools now have a legal duty to meet the needs of children with medical needs.  As a result children with cancer can access support through Individual Health Care Plans, which will set out their needs and how the school will meet them.
  • Guidance for local authorities on how to support pupils who cannot attend school because of a medical condition was issued in January 2012. We have continued to work with government officials to raise awareness of the guidance and to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

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