How Morrisons’ support will help young lives

We’re currently only able to help two out of every three families who need us - but a three-year partnership with Morrisons worth approximately £7 million will transform this.

How Morrisons’ support will help young lives

Nobody thinks it will happen to their child. Until it does. When cancer strikes it affects more than just a young person’s health. A cancer diagnosis shatters families emotionally and physically, separating them across the country for treatment and plunging them into debt.

Too many families are at risk of losing their homes as a result of the extra costs that mount up when the doctor says ‘it’s cancer’.

While we can’t take the cancer away, CLIC Sargent works tirelessly to limit the damage cancer causes to young lives beyond their health.

Here's what the partnership with Morrisons will mean for young cancer patients.

Nurse talking to young cancer patient


Together, we will create a brand new team of CLIC Sargent Nurses to educate other health, social care and education professionals close to families’ homes, so that they have the skills and experience to provide the best possible care for young lives against cancer.

CLIC Sargent's Home Hubs


Together, we will create new Home Hubs close to Specialist Treatment Hospitals, providing a welcoming environment where families can take a much needed break from the intensity of the hospital ward, and grandparents, parents and siblings can have a cup of tea and chat.

Digital hub for young people and parents

Practical things

Together, we will be able to expand our financial grants to families, so that they can focus on important things like getting well. We’ll also be able to develop a groundbreaking new digital hub, giving thousands of families who we currently can’t support access to advice from healthcare professionals from the comfort of their own home.