Help with relationship and sex issues

Who can help me with sex and relationship problems?

Advice columnist and relationship expert Matt Whyman answers:

None of us are born with a built-in understanding of sex and relationships. It's something we experience at different times and in different ways, which is why it's so important that we know where to get balanced and transparent info and advice.

Help and support is always out there. The key is in knowing where to find it, from someone who puts your welfare first

Your care team

For sex and fertility questions relating specifically to cancer and treatment, the members of your cancer team are the best people to ask.

They are used to these kind of questions and should talk openly with you, either answering your questions or putting you in touch with someone who can provide you with information and support. 

Family and friends might be a first port of call for anything general. But sometimes it's easier to talk to someone outside your social circle, like a counsellor. 

Advice organisations

In some areas, you can drop in at your local Brook Advisory for a confidential chat about all aspects of sex and relationships.

You can also find sexual health services in your area by searching on the NHS Choices website. is a charity that  provides balanced info and advice to help young people make informed decisions.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. However you choose to get to grips with this aspect of your life, you’ll find that knowledge is power. It doesn't mean you have to act on it, but it will give you more confidence, and peace of mind.

Support at your treatment centre

Kate Hancock, a clinical psychologist, has this advice: "Anyone from your cancer team can help with questions about sex and relationships. Your social worker or psychologist are good people to talk to."

Senior social work practitioner Urvashi Tripathi says: Your treatment centre will have lots of professionals such as social workers, nurses, consultants and psychologists. You can speak to anyone you feel most comfortable with.They have a huge range of resources and can link you up with the right support. Speaking to someone like this can feel embarrassing, but these professionals are all trained and can help and support you in the right way."

Content added: November 2015
Review due: November 2017