Healthy living

When your health is already affected by cancer, it is important to keep well in other ways. Eating the right food and doing exercise where possible can help boost your energy and your mood.

Eating right

Your cancer treatment may affect your eating habits. You may want to eat all the time, or not at all. You may find it hard to eat because you feel sick, or because your mouth is dry or sore. However, it is important to eat a balanced diet. Getting the right food helps your body stay strong and fight off infections, and it gives you more energy.

You can talk to your doctor, nurse or dietitian if you have any questions about food and your diet. They may be able to suggest extra vitamins or supplements, which can help if you're not getting all the right food your body needs, or medicine to help if you feel sick.

Sport and exercise

If you feel up to it, continuing to take part in sport and exercise can help with your overall health and how you feel about yourself.

You might have to avoid some kinds of sport. For example, you may need to avoid contact sports like rugby or judo while you're having treatment. However, even if you need to take a break from your usual sport, you could see this as a chance to try something new. If you're not really into sport, you could take up some gentle exercise.

Ask your care team for advice on exercise and sport and what will help you best.

September 2015, next planned review 2017