Getting questions answered

You may have questions or worries on your mind. It’s good to know who to talk to and where to go if you need to have further conversations but ultimately, how you go about finding answers depends on what feels right for you. 

Making the most of your care team

Your 'care team' could include professionals such as your nurse, consultant, GP, CLIC Sargent Young People’s Social Worker or Community Worker, or anyone else involved in your care or treatment.

Even if the person you speak to can’t help you directly, they will be able to help you find someone who can. It might feel strange to open up about personal things with someone you don’t know well, but it’s likely that they’ve heard all your questions before.

"Write questions down before you speak to someone, as it can be easy to forget what you want to say. Write down the answers you receive too, or get someone else to do it."

Speaking privately

There may be times when you prefer to talk to a professional by yourself, especially if you need to discuss medical history or lifestyle choices. You always have that choice.

If you feel awkward asking your parents or partner to leave, you could speak to a member of your care team beforehand and see if they can help you with this.

Phone or email

If you’d rather not talk face to face, you can call CLIC Sargent on 0300 330 0803 or email us at We’ll help you access the support and information you need.

These useful organisations can also support you with a wide range of issues. 

Getting the right info

Having good information when you need it most can really help to make sense of things. You can look at our trustworthy information about cancer and treatment and we also have lots of advice about how to manage the impact of cancer on different aspects of your life.

CLIC Sargent also produces a range of publications which you can download or order free of charge from our publications library. Your care team will also be able to get hold of information about most specific topics.

It could be tempting to start googling but the internet definitely has its pros and cons. Check out our tips on savvy internet searching before you dive in.

What next?

Updated February 2017, next review due February 2018.