Francesca's story

16-year-old Francesca was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s lymphoma and had chemotherapy and radiotherapy as part of her treatment.

Francesca was really affected by the physical effects of her treatment, like the fact that she had to wear a wig because her hair fell out, and the social impacts as she couldn’t go out with her friends.

Francesca's story

Francesca says, “When you’re going through cancer treatment you can’t go out with your friends and do normal things so you can feel really on your own. People would often try to avoid the subject, or would ask you the awkward ‘how are you?’ question, and they just don’t know how to talk to you.

“I met Alison, my CLIC Sargent Social Worker, who visited me and told me about how CLIC Sargent could help. She started by giving me a diary that I could write all my appointments in and I could note down my feelings.

“She also told me about a CLIC Sargent youth group that I could join, where I could meet other young people every month. I’ve been able to go and meet new friends and talk about my experiences. I’ve made lots of new friends through the youth group including a best friend and I’m in touch with them all on Facebook. 

“It’s made being on the ward so much easier as I can now go and find my friends from the youth group and we can spend time together, so I don’t feel as lonely.”

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