The Forum guidelines

We hope that you find using The Forum a rewarding and supportive experience. The aim of these discussion boards is to allow those affected by childhood cancer to share their stories and experiences and gain support from reading the stories and experiences of others.

We have some guidelines which we would like all users of The Forum to follow.

The main guidelines are:

  • All visitors to the CLIC Sargent website can read postings in The Forum. To contribute to a discussion or start a new topic, you need to be over 16 and to register on the site.
  • Respect everyone on The Forum, even if their views are different to yours.
  • Please do not include personal information in your posts. These posts will be removed from the site. For example, if you are talking about your child, please keep their personal details to a minimum. This is for their protection and to ensure that they cannot be identified outside of the message board.
  • If you have a useful link that you would like to share, please remember that all links should be useful, link to a reputable website and not cause offence. Please be aware that links may be removed from a post if they are not suitable. This is to protect all users of The Forum.
  • Please do not post information about any type of any medical advice, alternative therapies, or ‘wonder cures for cancer’. The exception to this is when you want to discuss a therapy or treatment that is in the news/subject of debate.
  • Please do not reveal any personal information about yourself, for example your name or contact details. Create a username that does not reveal your real name. When you contribute to the site, only your username will be displayed.

Contributions to this website will be removed if CLIC Sargent perceives them to be:

  • Offensive, objectionable or defamatory about anyone else.
  • Using swear words of any kind.
  • Using racist, sexist, homophobic language, or are in any other way discriminatory or offensive.
  • Containing commercial adverts of any kind which do not benefit CLIC Sargent or reflect one of their cause related marketing schemes.
  • Written in a language other than English.
  • Containing any kind of contact information.
  • Destructive – being rude or unkind to another Forum user, trying to impersonate another Forum user or talking about subjects that are considerably off-topic for the discussion.

All contributions to the CLIC Sargent Forums are post-moderated. This is to protect all members of the community against any offensive, damaging or misleading messages, and to allow for added protection for those under 16. 

If you think a posting contravenes these guidelines please use the Report this post button and we will consider what action to take. CLIC Sargent reserves the right to delete any contribution at any time and, if necessary, to block an indvidual's access to The Forum.

We hope that The Forum will be a useful resource to all and we encourage everyone to maintain a helpful, supportive, safe and understanding environment for all of its users.  

If you would like to contribute to The Forum, please register with us now.