Family and friends

Your extended family and friends may be grieving, not only for your child but also for you and your immediate family.

They may be finding it difficult to know how to help you and to offer support, particularly if it is difficult for you to face them. It may help to explain simply to them how you are feeling and to ask them to be understanding. They will want to do what is right for you at the time and are likely to respect your wishes.

Small acts of kindness, helping with the housework, offering meals or leaving flowers may be expressions of sympathy when it's hard for people to find the right words.

This can be a particularly difficult time for grandparents, grieving for a grandchild and feeling the terrible grief they see their own child facing.

Your CLIC Sargent Social Worker may be able to give advice about local support for grandparents. There are also resources or networks specifically for bereaved grandparents.

Family and friends

Reviewed July 2014, next planned review 2017