Entry guidelines

Please make sure your child understands the following guidelines before starting their design for our eCard competition.

Guidelines for submitted entries

  • Please make sure your child/student understands these simple guidelines beforehand, as we want to consider every drawing we receive
  • Please use felt tip pens if you can, as bright bold colours come out much better when scanned into our computer
  • Please make sure your design has a wintery/Christmas feel
  • Use white paper or card if you can as this will also help the colour come out well
  • Please don’t draw too close to the edge of the paper as we want to be able to show your whole drawing – the scanner might not be able to capture it all if it’s on the edge
  • If you send your entry to us in the post, please attach an entry form from the right hand side to your drawing with a paperclip and make sure you fill in all the details.

All entries must be received by Monday 12 November 2012.

Please send your entry to: Amy White, Christmas eCard competition, CLIC Sargent, Abbey Wood Business Park, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7JU.

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